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After thirty years of hiring, I finally bought my own 50ft boat in 2005, which was built in 2001 by Andicraft at Debdale Wharf. I mostly cruise single handed and have no problem with that, although it does take a little longer than with a crew. My mooring is on the Wey Navigation, so I have a choice of routes on the Wey or the Thames.

Monday 6 May 2013

Canalway Cavalcade 4.

The boats left Bulls Bridge at 10min intervals, so as not to clog the entrance to Willowtree Marina, where we were to have lunch. Fortunately, they were warned of the mass arrival and there were sufficient moorings for all boats to get in. They had even moved the four hire boats outside on the canal bank.It was another gorgeous day, so we could all sit outside to eat in the sun.
Aperitifs before lunch in the sun. (photo by Betty Smith)

Lined up in Willowtree Marina

 Some time in mid-afternoon, we all moved off towards Little Venice and were well spaced out. After three hours on this very long pound, we caught up with the queue waiting for moorings - well, that's what we assumed. It turned out that this was it and these were the moorings, apart from those with allocated moorings in Browning's Pool and Rembrant Gardens who were directed forward. All in all, I was not impressed with the arrangements and I was not alone in thinking that. In other years, moorings were allocated to all participants, rather than a free for all. I took a walk as far as the end of the Paddington Arm and found a couple of people I know from past boating events and was surprised that some of the working boats were so far away from the Pool.

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