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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Summer Cruise 11

Sunday 21st May.

Although I was up early, I didn’t leave until 10.40, having fiddled around on the internet for far too long – this thing can be such a time waster! Anyway, having decided to walk, it took me about 45 mins to get to Bletchley Park. I later discovered that there were no trains running to there on Sunday anyway.

I must say that the weather was good and I had a most interesting day. I had previously read fiction and non-fiction about the place and was intrigued to find out more in reality: it fulfilled my dreams in every aspect. Most of the exhibitions were static and historic, but I had lived my childhood throughout that era and memories flooded back of my time during World War II. Although I say static, a good number of displays were interactive, very well done and encouraged participants to engage with them. You could certainly learn a lot by doing so.

My first view of the mansion across the lake.

The classic view.

The greater part of the exhibition was in huts that had been restored and part of the display was in the mansion house. The park surrounding it was exceptionally well landscaped as near to the original as possible. Every attempt was made to explain the code breaking process and if it was read in sequence, all became clear.

More austere buildings in the grounds.

I very nearly missed out the Museum in Block B, which housed several Enigma machines and the reconstructed Turing/Welchman Bombe, which was demonstrated while I was there. Fascinating stuff.

Front and back views of the Bombe.

German Enigma machine.

Although I had plenty of time, five hours had gone before I knew it.  I decided to take the train back to Fenny, but on asking at the station, no trains were in service to Fenny on Sundays. The alternative was to get a bus, but that was a further walk, so I got a cab back to the Red Lion, where I enjoyed two pint of the dark stuff. Perfect end to a brilliant day and the sun was still shining!

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